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Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
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Nexus Reports

Nexus Account

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Toll Account Reports

Overview Report

  • Your Account Balance as of
    the current date

Detailed Report

  • Listing by month of all toll crossings and account replenishments
  • Balance Forward: Net activity balance from previous month
  • Total Transactions: Activity for month run
  • Total Payments: Amounts added to account for month run
  • Monthly Balance: Balance on account at the end of month run
  • Current Account Balance: Account balance as of report date

In-order to make online payments you must first enroll your Nexus card at our kiosk at Whirlpool Bridge. At that time you will be issued an enrollment receipt containing your CardID. Once you have an enrollment receipt you can proceed with the online payment options.

Online Payment Selections

One Time Payment
  • To perform online payments, you must first register your account here by
    submitting a valid Email address
  • Your NEXUS Online Payment Account allows you to:
    • Perform Visa / Master Card Payments Online
    • View / Update your contact information

Recurring Payment
  • Recurring Payment allows you to:
    • Make automatic Visa / Master Card Payments
    • Replenish your account when your balance gets low

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